Strategic & Executive Plans

Propose the strategic and executive plans for the economic sector in the Emirate Article 3 of Law No. 7 of the year 2018, approve them from the Executive Council, and oversee implementation. Monitor the commitment of relevant bodies to implement the strategic and executive plans of the economic sector.

Control and oversee all the relevant bodies, including disbursement of budgets, revenues achieved, commitment to duties and functions, and the endorsement of the strategic and executive plans. The Department has the right to authorise some of its competence to any other governmental entity or outsource some of it to the private sector after getting the Executive Council's approval.

Policies & Regulations

Organise all the economic sector aspects by establishing policies, criteria, regulations, decisions, and executive and operational circulars regulating the sector. Control and oversee the economic sector in line with the relevant regulations, agreements, and treaties applied in the sector, locally and internationally, and coordinate with the respective entities inside and outside the country. 

License all the entities, companies, and employees working in the economic sector and monitor their commitment to delivering the best service quality as per the effective regulations and coordinating with the relevant entities. Suggest fees, tariffs, and costs related to its specialisation, and report them to the Executive Council for approval in accordance with the adopted policies.

Reports & Analytics

Deliver periodic reports and analytical studies on the Department's competence to Abu Dhabi Executive Office. Undertake any other functions or tasks assigned by the Executive Council.

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