ADDED launches three integrated Digital Service journeys for the business sector as part of TAMM

10/9/2019 12:00:00 AM
The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), revealed the launch of three integrated Digital Service journeys through the Abu Dhabi Government Services Program (TAMM) to facilitate business activity for investors and businessmen in the emirate. The journeys include ‘Discover Abu Dhabi as an investment destination,’ ‘Start your business,’ and ‘Manage your business.’
ADDED launches three integrated Digital Service journeys

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), revealed the launch of three integrated Digital Service journeys through the Abu Dhabi Government Services Program (TAMM) to facilitate business activity for investors and businessmen in the emirate. The journeys include ‘Discover Abu Dhabi as an investment destination,’ ‘Start your business,’ and ‘Manage your business.’
The move aligns with ADDED’s strategy to enhance Abu Dhabi’s leading position in providing world-class government services that meet the expectations of customers, with the Department breaking the news during its participation at GITIEX Technology Week 2019 – which runs until October 10, 2019. ADDED is one of the 32 government entities to be featured in the Abu Dhabi Government Pavilion, headed by the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA).
The ‘Discover Abu Dhabi as an investment destination’ journey is a first-of-its-kind initiative that serves as a comprehensive guide aimed at helping investors, entrepreneurs and companies in discovering the business environment and investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi; allowing users to browse the unified directory of registered companies and learn about the emirate’s capabilities, accelerators and business incubators.
Simultaneously, this journey highlights the latest statistics and indicators covering various sectors in which it gives access to potential investment opportunities through the available list or map, provides tools that assist in calculating the estimated costs of establishing a business through an investment, and offers advice regarding the suitable legal form for companies and various information on visas and fees.
The ‘Start your business’ journey provides a smart tool to determine the recommended legal form, required documents and licensing costs, and identify economic activities relevant to your business. This journey has made choosing the commercial name for your project much easier and more flexible for investors and businessmen through suggesting the commercial name accompanied with the legal form and its identical name in English; where the required fees can be paid through this platform.
The third journey, ‘Manage your business,’ is an ideal platform programmed to identify the different types of applications, track their status, and provide all the required information for businessmen in relation to their investments such as trade licenses, permits and other relevant data. It also issues renewal alerts for trade licenses and permits prior to expiration and enables businessmen and investors to access different services including payment of bills and fines, and renewals and modification of commercial licenses.
H.E. Rashed Abdul Karim Al Balooshi, Undersecretary, ADDED, stated that the launch of the three platforms through the Abu Dhabi Government Services Program (TAMM) falls in line with the Department's plan to achieve higher standards of e-services in cooperation with ADDA; and aligns with the ‘Integrated Journeys’ initiative which is supervised by the Authority to meet the expectations of customers in Abu Dhabi through the provision of leading and innovative services characterized by ease and speed.
H.E. pointed out that these integrated journeys will play a vital role in attracting new investments to the emirate and offer a unique experience for investors and businessmen as they access the promising investment opportunities through a varied smart services bundle that facilitates their business and provides them with an integrated experience that cuts time and enriches their knowledge.
Al Balooshi said: “ADDED is keen to continuously launch smart initiatives and e-services that enhance customers’ experience and increase their confidence in the emirate’s investment environment through facilitating their businesses and journeys by obtaining the required licenses and information to complete their procedures as quickly as possible with minimal effort.”
H.E. added that the launch of the new integrated journeys is a step forward in enhancing Abu Dhabi's competitiveness as an attractive business hub, and praised the cooperation and coordination levels between ADDED and ADDA; in line with their joint efforts to strengthen communication between various government entities, improve the local business and investment sector, and enhance Abu Dhabi’s global position as an ideal business destination and a capital of economic diversification incubating future leaders.
“Our participation at the 39th edition of GITEX aims to provide a wide range of leading services and initiatives designed to complement our journey of providing innovative, integrated, simple and effective digital solutions and e-services that contribute to saving investor’s time, effort and money. This aligns with the directives of our wise leadership to place the happiness and prosperity of the local community as our top priority,” Al Balooshi added.
For her part, H.E. Dr. Rauda Saeed Al Saadi, Director General, ADDA, emphasized on the key role of cooperation between Abu Dhabi Government entities and commended the mutual efforts with ADDED, which has resulted in the launch of three integrated journeys aimed at supporting customers by addressing their needs in a smooth, fast and specialized manner. H.E. explained ADDA’s keenness to establish the future model of government services in Abu Dhabi through the launch of modern, technological and digital services that provide a seamless experience for customers and ensures their happiness. This is through the TAMM centres and portal, in addition to the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre, one of TAMM’s communication channels.
“These digital integrated changes support the efforts to discover the business environment in Abu Dhabi, promote Abu Dhabi as an ideal destination for emerging Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and will play a vital role in transforming Abu Dhabi to a global business hub and a highly-preferred investment and commercial destination. The journeys will serve as a catalyst in achieving the objectives of Abu Dhabi’s digital transformation program, which is a key pillar of the digital strategy adopted by the authority in line with its keenness to support the joint efforts to create a sustainable knowledge-based economy in Abu Dhabi,” H.E. Al Saadi added.
The TAMM program enables all customers in Abu Dhabi, comprising, citizens, residents visitors and investors, to access a wide range of integrated government services through one communication portal without the need to visit other government entities to finalize their documents. The program aims at achieving a considered transformation and a giant leap in offering government services to all customers in Abu Dhabi and enhance their experience.
The TAMM initiative falls in line with Abu Dhabi’s vision to facilitate the residents’ life-style in Abu Dhabi by offering all means of success, and enhancing Abu Dhabi’s business environment. The initiatives are unique to the region and focus on enhancing the efficiency of government services, providing an ideal incubator for an innovative environment through the use of the world’s latest technological and communication trends as well as the continuous cooperation with all concerned federal and local government entities.
It is worth mentioning that ADDED recently launched a set of electronic licensing services designed for investors and businessmen through its ADBC and Industrial Development Bureau (IDB). These services include ‘Tajer Abu Dhabi’ License, ‘Dual License’, ‘Instant License’, ‘All-in-One Bundle’, ‘Tech Licenses’, ‘Electricity Tariffs Industrial Program’ (ETIP) and a resolution allowing the addition of commercial and service activities to industrial license. Furthermore, the Department recently launched ‘Consumer Digital Portal’ and ‘Price Monitor’ initiatives, both of which strive to ensure higher levels of consumer protection, increase customer satisfaction and prevent commercial fraud.


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