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The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development contributes, through its Logistics and Trade Facilitation (LTF) sector, in the efforts made to boost the competitiveness of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through trade environment facilitations, development and support of the logistics services in Abu Dhabi, and coordination with government and semi-governmental authorities as well as the private sector to develop and propose the LTF sector policies, legislation, and strategies. In addition, the LTF sector plays a role in overcoming the challenges and surpassing the constraints crippling the logistics sector, the supervision of the Abu Dhabi Advanced Trade and Logistics Platform (ATLP), and the administration of the Ad Hoc Committee for Logistics Sector Development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The LTF sector also contributes to achieving Abu Dhabi's economic diversification by boosting domestic exports in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through various vehicles such as developing and supporting local exporters, raising their export readiness and opening new markets and opportunities for exports.

Abu Dhabi Advanced Trade and Logistics Platform (ATLP)

Supervised by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, the Abu Dhabi Advanced Trade and Logistics Platform (ATLP) aims to facilitate land, sea and air trade, providing services in industrial and free zones and enhancing the experience of LTF customers and stakeholders. This platform is developed and operated by Maqta Gateway, a company under the mantle of Abu Dhabi Ports, and supervised by ADDED Logistics and Trade Facilitation Sector. The ATLP platform is considered the first of its kind in the region in terms of the service comprehensiveness and for being a platform where many government and private entities participate, and meets all the needs of stakeholders in the logistics and trade sector.

ATLP Services

1. Single-window solutions
2. Standardization of e-Payment services
3. Standardization of policies and laws
4. Stakeholder enablement to accurate management of resources

ATLP Benefits

1. Enhancement of the competitiveness of the trade and logistics support sector on the local and global levels
2. Contribution to Abu Dhabi’s pursuit  to strengthen its position as a hub for the business sector
3. Contribution to the emirate’s sustainable economic growth
4. Expansion of the growth of paperless trade

ATLP Communication Channels

1. Social media platforms (Instagram / Twitter): atlpuae
2. Social Media Platform (Linkedin): Advanced Trade & Logistics Platform
3. Website: www.atlp.ae


Export support

Through its Logistics and Trade Facilitation (LTF) sector, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development constantly monitors the needs and requirements of the local companies working in the exports sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to enhance their role in increasing the volume of foreign trade between the emirate and its partners worldwide. This in turn will contribute to  enhancing the trade balance and the percentage of domestic exports abroad. In order to achieve this goal, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development provides a package of supportive services and initiatives in newly opened markets in order to facilitate the movement of the cross-border trade, enhance communication with international buyers, and promote the domestic product in various international forums.

Participation in Overseas Exhibitions

The Logistics and Trade Facilitation (LTF) sector constantly supports the exporters and promotes local products and services in international markets by participating in international exhibitions and overseas trade missions.

Export Development

In cooperation with governmental and semi-governmental authorities, the Logistics and Trade Facilitation (LTF) sector works on raising the awareness of existing and potential exporters by organizing a series of training courses, seminars, and workshops to enhance the attractiveness of their products and services in the local and international markets and highlight their entities’ strengths and weaknesses to boost their export readiness.

Logistics and Export Challenges

The Logistics and Trade Facilitation (LTF) Sector took the initiative to provide the “Logistics and Export Challenges” service, where efforts were made to improve the efficiency of the export environment, in order to support the logistics and export sector, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, in stages: firstly, to monitor the local and international challenges and obstacles faced, then, study and analyze these challenges and find effective solutions to address them and, finally, ensure that they would not be repeated.

Through this service, the logistics service providers and exporters can record the challenges they face during the export process, so that the Logistics and Trade Facilitation (LTF) sector studies and analyzes these challenges to find effective solutions that lead to the empowerment of logistics service providers and export companies and support them to ultimately achieve the development of trade environment.

Kindly send the challenges you face to the following email (LTFS@ded.abudhabi.ae)

Abu Dhabi Export Gateway

The Logistics and Trade Facilitation (LTF) Sector has established the "Abu Dhabi Export Gateway" platform on the ATLP website pages, through which it focuses on the target markets and sectors to provide a comprehensive vision to the exporters in Abu Dhabi to be able to classify international markets, take the decision to expand their businesses and take advantage of the best available business opportunities worldwide.

The Abu Dhabi Export Gateway platform provides export data of more than 100 domestic products within 10 economic sectors in the Emirate. It also provides important facilities to traders enabling them to export their products to more than 60 markets around the world and to expand and upgrade their data with add-ons and services focusing on the export market regionally and internationally.

The Abu Dhabi Export Gateway also aims to enable Abu Dhabi-operated exporting companies to target the international markets suitable for their products, which will support the UAE Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and consolidate the position of the UAE as one of the world's most important trade centers.  To this end, detailed data on export operations are collected, and the exporters are provided with a comprehensive and applicable vision contributing to the development of their business operations and enhancing their capabilities to take advantage of market opportunities.

Economic Agreements and MOUs

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development continues to avail trade agreements and memoranda of understanding for local exporters to raise the exporters’ awareness of  the most important countries with which agreements have been signed, which would add to the general knowledge of those exporters.

Further information on the agreements and memoranda of understanding is available through the following links:

- Double Taxation Agreements (Ministry of Finance)

- Agreements for Protection and Promotion of Investments  (Ministry of Finance)

- GCC - EFTA FTA (Ministry of Economy)

- GCC-Singapore FTA (Ministry of Economy)

- Agreement of Liberalization of Trade in Services among Arab Countries (Ministry of Economy)

- UAE Membership in Trade facilitation Agreement (Ministry of Economy) - Download the TFA Agreement convention text.

- World Trade Organization agreements (Ministry of Economy)

For more information or inquiries, kindly contact us via the following email:


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