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Commercialising IP

IP Commercialisation is a generic term that covers different ways of making money out of your ideas, with and without change of IP ownership:
- Sell or buy IP
- License IP
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Selling and buying IP

If you are the owner of an IP asset and not limited by other contractual arrangements, you can sell this IP asset or donate it for free to another party.

If you are interested in one or more IP assets that are available for sales, published on IP Souq for example, you can register your interest.


If the negotiations between the seller and the buyer are successful, the change of ownership must be recorded with the respective IP office. Seeking expert advice in business-relevant cases might be recommended for both parties during the transaction.

IP Souq

IP Souq

Acquire or sell IP on our dedicated marketplace.

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License IP

Find out which type of license best suits your business goals.

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Commercialisation Connections

Connect with potential commercialisation partners to maximise the benefits of your IP.

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