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Search IP: Utility Certificates

Review utility certificates already registered to verify your invention is unique and avoid wasting time and money before applying.
A utility model search is recommended to avoid potential infringement of utility certificates, receive information about the current state-of-the-art, and support both your filing and investment decisions regarding development efforts and market potential. Most patent databases cover utility models as well.

Useful tools to search utility certificates

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    The PATENTSCOPE database provides instant access to full-text International PCT applications, patent documents from national and regional offices, and non-patent literature.

    PATENTSCOPE offers a large data coverage of patents filed in the UAE and provides translations in Arabic.

  • Industrial Property Digital Library by MoE

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    The UAE Ministry of Economy's Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL) offers the possibility to search for registered utility certificates in the UAE, using the same search tool as for patents.

  • PATENTSCOPE User's Guide

    PATENTSCOPE User's Guide

    Get to know the PATENTSCOPE search system and learn how to get the most out of its powerful search and analysis features.

  • PATENTSCOPE Exercises

    PATENTSCOPE Exercises

    A practical exercise book to help you use efficiently the PATENTSCOPE search system.

  • Search utility certificates with PATENTSCOPE

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    Supporting material on the PATENTSCOPE patent database can apply to utility certificates as well. Learn how to search it.

  • PATENTSCOPE for Beginners

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    Learn the basics of PATENTSCOPE, including how to set search criteria such as applicant, technical keyword, and filing date.

  • WIPO's Global and National Patent Collections

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    Discover WIPO's collection of utility certificates, registered in the countries that consider them in their national IP systems.

Search for other IP types:

  • Patents

    A patent gives you exclusive control over the production, use, or sale of your invention for up to 20 years, within the jurisdiction where it's granted.

  • Industrial Designs

    An industrial design protects the unique appearance of a product, such as its shape, pattern, ornamentation, or a combination of these elements, if it can be produced at a commercial scale.

  • Trademarks

    A trademark gives legal protection to your brand's identity: a word, phrase, symbol, design, sound, or combination of these elements. By distinguishing your products or services, it signifies ownership and helps you guard against counterfeiting and fraud.

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