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Intellectual Property: Turn Today's Ideas into Tomorrow's Assets

Discover how Intellectual Property protects creativity and unlocks innovation's full potential.
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Understanding IP

P Patents

A patent gives you exclusive control over the production, use, or sale of your invention for up to 20 years, within the jurisdiction where it's granted.

UC Utility Certificates

A utility certificate gives you exclusive control over the production, use, or sale of a technical invention that increases an object's utility or functionality, such as the object's shape, configuration, or components.
Utility Certificate

ID Industrial Designs

An industrial design protects the unique appearance of a product, such as its shape, pattern, ornamentation, or a combination of these elements, if it can be produced at a commercial scale.
Industrial Design

3D features of the watch

TM Trademarks

A trademark gives legal protection to your brand's identity: a word, phrase, symbol, design, sound, or combination of these elements. By distinguishing your products or services, it signifies ownership and helps you guard against counterfeiting and fraud.

Registered emblem of the watch

C Copyrights

A copyright gives you exclusive control over the right to copy, use, or sell your original creative work, from books and music to pictures and software. Your content is automatically protected if it's creative, unique, and fixed on a medium that you can see or hear.
Copyright Information

The picture of the watch

TS Trade Secrets

A trade secret protects confidential know-how or information that has commercial value because it's secret, is known only to a limited group, and is safeguarded proactively. Trade secrets give you a competitive edge. They can also be sold or licensed.
Trade Secret

The technique involved in the making of the artefact is kept as a trade secret

Creating IP

Do you have an idea worth
protecting with IP? Explore the
IP generation process and
our IP funding options.

Managing IP

Maximise the benefits of your IP to empower your business's growth with the right IP management approach.

Commercialising IP

Turn your idea into a value and
profit generator through smart
IP commercialisation.

About AD.iP

AD.iP, established by the Abu Dhabi
Department of Economic Development,
is a centre of excellence focusing on
the end-to-end IP lifecycle.

At AD.iP, we understand the role of IP in the success of your business. We help you navigate the intricacies of the IP journey, from registration to commercialisation.

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