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Leverage Your IP

Utilise the legal power of your IP rights when working with external partners.

Legal aspects related to IP rights (IPR) can become very important when working with external partners.

Typically, agreements and contracts specifically dealing with IPR are prepared by professionals experienced in legal, contractual, and IP matters. Other agreements not mainly related to IP matters or based on templates often bear higher risks for an inappropriate consideration of IP aspects and securing your own benefits and rights.

Disclosure of sensitive information

Ways to Leverage Your IP (among others)

The most important aspect is related to the non-disclosure of business-sensitive and relevant information of both technical and non-technical nature. Any contract or agreement with external partners shall define all obligations in respect of disclosing information outside the project which can lead to disadvantages or harms for the business or products.

Ownership of results

Clarification is always required with respect to the ownership of results and inventions following cooperation projects. Every partner will contribute parts of their own knowledge to such projects.
As a result of these cooperations, there will be as well new experience, knowledge, information, and solutions resulting from the joint project.

The ownership of such results after the end of the project requires clarification and contractual definition. Inventor ownership rights may require additional considerations since they vary significantly across countries.

Before engaging in any kind of cooperation that may result in new IP, make sure to inform your legal team and ask for their support.

Use of project results

Aside from the ownership of a joint project's result, it can be important to define the rights of each party to use and practice the solutions and results from this project once it ends.
There should be a joint understanding of this aspect before any valuable results are newly developed and a joint project is started. If no dedicated licence agreement is available, the foreseen and permitted use of the project's results once it ends can be defined in the project contract or agreement.

Manage your IP

Maintain your IP

Renew your IP rights to ensure your IP assets remain protected.

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Resolve Challenges & Conflicts

Enforce your IP rights with the support of the government.

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Commercialising IP

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