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Registering IP: Copyright Guide

Our Copyright Guide steers you through the different stages and requirements of the registration process, including various forms and documents.

Copyright protection relates to many kinds of intellectual endeavours like paintings, books, artistic, literary, musical works, etc. Protection is not necessarily required by formal registration but exists by creation of the work. Nevertheless, registration is available in the UAE.

Registration Requirements:

Copyright covers things such as poetry and prose, audio and video recordings and streams, video games, paintings, music notation, recorded musical performances, sculptures, photographs, choreographies, architectural designs, and software codes.

A copyright does not protect the actual idea, but the expression of this idea, i.e. its documentation. Usually, the creator of a work owns the copyright, except if:

  • They created the work as part of their job, then it belongs to their employer.

  • The work was commissioned, then it belongs to the buyer.

  • The creator has sold or transferred the ownership, then the recipient becomes the owner.

Required documents

For registration of a copyright at MoE following documents are required:

  • For individuals - a copy of the authors' Emirates ID (both sides)

  • For companies and government entities - a copy of the Emirates ID (both sides)

  • Power of attorney on behalf of an author in case of a legal agent

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