The Abu Dhabi Business Centre, part of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), has reported a growth of 83.4% in the number of resolved consumer cases during 2023, reflecting the effectiveness of its efforts to enhance consumer rights and the business sector’s vitality.  

According to the Abu Dhabi Business Centre’s data, the number of consumers complaints in the Emirate has reached 24,833 complaints in 2023, up 6.9% from 23,232 cases in 2022 while the estimated total value of goods and services of the reported complaints was AED 26.64 million.

Despite the increase in the number of complaints, the Consumer Protection Department settled most of the complaints, and referred 1,041 complaints to judicial authorities.

His Excellency Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri, Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Business Centre, said: “Consumer protection is a key pillar in our approach to continuously develop and improve Abu Dhabi’s business ecosystem, as we are keen on providing the best means to ensure that goods and services are provided with the highest standards of safety, quality, and transparency. We believe that preserving consumer rights and intellectual property while ensuring the quality of goods and services is an important basis for attracting quality investments.”

“Consumers knowing their rights, expressing their opinions, and submitting complaints contribute to the improvement of services, and enhances the vitality and competitiveness of its commercial sector. We are working to increase awareness and knowledge of consumer rights and accelerate and enhance processing and settling of complaints. Our success in settling 83.4% of complaints reflects the effectiveness of procedures to ensure that Abu Dhabi continues to be the preferred destination for talents, businesses, and investments,” H.E Al Mansouri added.

In addition to receiving and settling consumers’ complaints, the Consumer Protection Department organises field visits to commercial establishments, sales outlets, grocery shops, salons, and beauty centres as well as vegetable, fruit, and fish markets across various locations in Abu Dhabi, to ensure the provision of the best conditions to achieving growth and prosperity while preserving consumer rights.

The data also indicated a notable increase in the number of car maintenance and spare parts complaints which rose from 968 in 2022 to 1,493 last year, an increase of 54%. Such complaints represented 6% of the total number of reported cases.

During the past year (2023), complaints related to electrical, electronic devices, mobile phones and supplies reached 579, while household supplies and furniture reached 467. Textiles, clothing, shoes, accessories, and optics 372 complaints, while complaints related to salons, beauty centres, cosmetics, skin and hair care totalled 360. Additionally, shipping and delivery services garnered 318 complaints, and health clubs complaints reached 266. The complaints received by the Consumer Protection Department covered several activities, including organising weddings and events, discounts, building materials, restaurants, cafes, food, and tobacco products.

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