At Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), we respect the privacy of our users and highly values their trust in us. In this privacy statement, we explain how we collect, use, disclose, and protect your information when you visit ADDED’s website or application. The policy, however, might change at any time and for any reason.

 ADDED will send a notification informing you about the updated policy for review and approval. Additionally, we advise you to regularly check and review this page to stay informed of any updates. Using our website and/or application, or continuing to use it, means you accept and adhere to our Privacy Policy.

Information Security

We recognise the value of Information, its resources, and its statutory obligations to protect them against corruption or loss. Therefore, ADDED is committed to securing the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of information for the day-to-day business and technical operations. ADDED has taken several steps to safeguard the integrity of its data and prevent unauthorised access to the information it maintains, including but not limited to auditing, authentication, encryption, and monitoring. Subsequently, ADDED ensures the privacy of the entity, customers, stakeholders, partners, and employees’ information by protecting it against unauthorised access, disclosure, and loss. The policy of ADDED is to prohibit unauthorised access, disclosure, duplication, modification, diversion, destruction, loss, misuse, or theft of this information. In addition, the ADDED’s policy protects information belonging to the external parties that have been entrusted to ADDED in a manner consistent with its sensitivity as well as in accordance with all applicable agreements.

Supporting the above, ADDED is committed to the following principles:

1. Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its information, information systems, and supporting infrastructure.

2. Take the necessary action to ensure that suitable controls and resources are in place to fulfill the identified information security objectives and all applicable requirements.

3. Maintain effective Information Security Management System through the implementation of the appropriate policies, procedures, and controls.

4. Ensure that these policies, procedures, and supporting documentation will be subject to a review process and appropriate ongoing development to ensure continual improvement.

5. Ensure the integration of the information security requirements into ADDED’s business processes.

6. Promote awareness amongst internal and external parties by sharing knowledge and responsibility.


Ensure compliance with all UAE governments laws and regulatory requirements.

Data Collection

When you browse, read, or download information from this website, we automatically gather and store certain information about your visit. This information is used for statistical purposes only and covers the following:

· Your IP address and geolocation to identify the country from which you are accessing.

· Personal identifying information such as name and contact details (if voluntarily provided).

· The name of the top-level domain (TLD) from which you accessed the Internet (example: .ae, .com).

· The type of browser you use.

· The date and time of your access.

· The pages you accessed.

· The documents you have downloaded.

· The previous internet address from which you are directed to the site.

We do not sell, exchange, or otherwise distribute the data collected for commercial or marketing purposes. We, occasionally, conduct online customer surveys to get your feedback. The participation in those surveys is optional. We use the survey data for research purposes as well as to improve our services.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

You may browse and access information contained within our website without providing any personal information (information from which your identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained). If you voluntarily provide personal information (e.g. for you to be granted access privileges to ADDED website or for your account on it, or through contact forms), the information is saved and logged, if necessary, on our servers for the purpose of logging and tracking services, and the information may be shared with other government entities in UAE. In addition, your personal information may be used to notify you of the status of your service transactions and/or to assess your input to improve the content on ADDED’s website. ADDED will not sell, exchange, or otherwise distribute the collected data for commercial or marketing purposes.


Our websites use “persistent cookies” for any personalised content. Personalised content is the content from the website, which is delivered to a browser after a user has logged in once. Cookies are text files or entries in larger files utilised to distinguish between visitors to a website and to track information during multiple visits to a website.

The use of cookies is a standard practice among internet portals and websites. You can voluntarily refuse, accept or delete persistent cookies, which is available on most Internet browsers. Rejecting and/or removing cookies, however, may lead to the loss of functionality on pages requiring cookies to function fully.

We use cookies on the website to:

· Help you navigate our website.

· Facilitate the sign-up and sign-in process for our services.

· Personalise your experience.

· Improve our website.

· External Links.

Links to Other Websites

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