If you believe that you have the best talent, qualifications and personal capabilities, then we are eager to have join us at the Department where you can achieve your potential and apply your skills and special talents in a perfect work environment that encourages you to unleash yourself. This makes you an added value to the Department and to the emirate of Abu Dhabi in general. Please, don't hesitate to apply to join the Department!

If you believe that you have the best talent, qualifications, and personal skills, then, we will be very pleased to welcome you as a teammate at ADDED, a place where you can display your distinguished capabilities and expertise. ADDED is the perfect work environment to unleash your talents and thus contribute to achieving the aspirations of the leadership and government of Abu Dhabi. Do not hesitate to apply to join. Recruitment Process:
  • Step 1: Sorting the resumes to make sure that they comply with the recruitment conditions.
  • Step 2: Communicating with the candidate over the phone or conduct an interview to ensure their interest in the announced vacancy.
  • Step 3: Coordinating the interview with the concerned department.
  • Step 4: The recruitment section communicates with the candidate to complete the recruitment procedures.


We are always looking for highly qualified, talented, and ambitious candidates who are eager to join us, and ready to face challenges to achieve their goals.  If you believe that you fit the bill and are interested in working with us, don't hesitate to pass us your resume.

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