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Growing Industry Sectors

Get a glimpse of the several growing industry sectors that make Abu Dhabi a diversified, globally integrated, future-driven economy.
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Abu Dhabi is now focused on building a sustainable economy.

Diversifying the economy is a key focus for Abu Dhabi. This has led to significant growth in industries like advanced manufacturing, science and technology, tourism, and creative industries.


The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) is more than just a regulator for the industrial sector. It strives to fuel the Emirate’s economic engine by supporting the needs of investors, providing a platform for new ventures, and boosting existing industries

With a vision to globally increase Abu Dhabi's competitiveness as a destination for industrial investment, the IDB helps streamline processes to offer attractive incentives, and develops strategic programmes to encourage diversification, innovation, sustainability, and holistic growth across sectors

The IDB plays a vital role in implementing key objectives under the Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy (ADIS), which include planning and managing industrial zones, conducting technical studies for the industrial sector, and monitoring the sector’s performance.


Propelled by the Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy (ADIS), the Emirate is not only supporting its historically successful sectors but also creating avenues for new and emerging industries to build a comprehensively diverse economy – one that pushes the boundaries of conventional growth and opportunity, globally.
With special economic zones, incentives and programmes, Abu Dhabi is supporting development in these focus industries:
  • Chemical  
  • Pharmaceuticals  
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Food Processing
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Transportation
High growth sectors

Discover investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi's thriving industrial sector

Advanced Manufacturing

Geography, infrastructure, business opportunities and governmental support have propelled the capital of the UAE to become a major manufacturing and export centre. Find out more

Trade and Logistics

From roads to airway and sea routes – Abu Dhabi has one of the most modern and integrated trade and logistics ecosystems in the region. Find out more

ICT, Advanced Tech and Space

Heralding the Fourth Industrial revolution, infrastructure for AI, IoT and other breakthrough technologies have catalysed significant business development in Abu Dhabi. Find out more

Renewable Energy

With ambitious strategies of energy transition and renewable energy, Abu Dhabi is consistently increasing the contribution of clean energy. Find out more

Tourism and Hospitality

Attracting over 11 million tourists annually, Abu Dhabi is a global leisure destination of choice with an extensive offering of heritage, entertainment, world-class arts, cuisine and hospitality experiences for visitors as well as residents. Find out more

Financial Services

Abu Dhabi’s banking and financial services sector has evolved to be in-line with the latest FinServ tech while helping people discover the best investment opportunities for wealth-building. Find out more

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