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Smart & Autonomous Vehicle Industries (SAVI)

Abu Dhabi boasts of a world-leading SAVI cluster, which is expected to contribute AED 90 to AED 120 billion to the UAE economy and generate 30,000-50,000 jobs.

This extensive, multi-modal cluster is designed to transform the development of smart and autonomous vehicles across air, land, and sea.


Welcome to a new era of smart mobility. With a vision and passion for safe, seamless and sustainable transportation, Abu Dhabi is making pioneering developments in the Smart and Autonomous Vehicle Industries (SAVI).

The SAVI cluster establishes Abu Dhabi’s position as a global hub for the development of smart and autonomous vehicles – building on the strength of the Emirate’s aviation and aerospace industries, supported by its advanced technology infrastructure and thriving R&D ecosystem.

Land, Air, and Sea

With an aim to weave a network of advanced global connectivity, the Abu Dhabi SAVI cluster is pushing boundaries of innovation and cutting-edge technologies to create a new age of transportation and mobility – through land, air and sea.

The SAVI cluster will see investments in innovations that will help bring to life:

  1. Smart land vehicles serving passenger and goods transport mainly on roads.

  2. Smart air vehicles comprising mainly of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and VTOLs (Vertical take-off and landing).

  3. Sea vessels deploying smart technologies across autonomous and electrification.

Technological advances

Behind the giant leaps of autonomous mobility through air-taxis, self-driving cars and smart ships lies a vast network of technological investments and advances that SAVI aims to unlock. That includes:

  • Lidar and Advanced Sensor Fusion

  • Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communication

  • Solid-State Batteries

  • AI-Enhanced Predictive Maintenance

  • 5G Connectivity

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