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More sectors with strong investment potential

Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification has led to the development of a host of rapidly growing industry sectors like creative arts, agricultural tech and healthcare.

Learn more about these sectors and discover the wide range of investment opportunities they provide.

The UAE is the Middle East's largest foreign direct investment recipient according to UNCTAD, with Abu Dhabi supporting inflows to the country for the past few years. 

This attractive investment environment is cultivated in large measures through the booming industry sectors that have been developed and transformed through national strategic efforts. Along with business-conducive features like 100% foreign ownership of companies, the UAE plugs investors into the Arab world’s second-largest economy and some of the world’s fastest-growing markets. 


With year-round sunshine and plentiful land, Abu Dhabi is ideal for agriculture companies focusing on desert and arid climates.  

AgriTech companies can harness the Emirate’s ambition, ideas and innovation, taking on global food security challenges with cutting-edge solutions. Partnerships under the Abu Dhabi Investment Office’s (ADIO) Innovation Program with companies like AeroFarms, Madar Farms, RDI, RNZ, FreshToHome, Pure Harvest and Nanoracks are supporting innovative R&D projects in the AgTech sector.

Why invest in Abu Dhabi’s AgTech? 

  • 24,000+ farms across 75,000 hectares of land 
  • 200+ food processors that are already active in the UAE  
  • The world's largest R&D indoor vertical farm built in Abu Dhabi  


Significant government investment in the healthcare industry is evident in the advanced medical care and research facilities serving Abu Dhabi. 

With several partnerships to promote advanced healthcare technologies, best practices and world-class standards, investment opportunities continue to emerge due to the robust growth potential of the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi.

Over the past decade, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of health centres and clinics in the emirate, including Cleveland Clinic operated by Mubadala Healthcare and Al Tawam Hospital operated by Johns Hopkins University in Al Ain. 

Why invest in Abu Dhabi’s Healthcare & Biopharma? 

  • 1st in healthcare testing capacity globally 
  • Enables 100% ownership of hospitals and clinics  
  • Home to world-class healthcare infrastructure and talent 


Science and Education

Science and education remain a top government priority to create a diversified, knowledge-based economy. The UAE’s education is one of the fastest growing in the region, while Abu Dhabi offers outstanding education facilities from early years to higher education. 

The Emirate is also encouraging more careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Economics and Mathematics) to better align the graduate workforce with the demand of future growth sectors - mainly in the fields of engineering, aerospace, IT, medicine, and applied sciences. 

In addition to educational institutions, academic research has received significant investment and support. 

Why invest in Abu Dhabi’s Science and Education sector? 

  • The education sector represents 16.3% of the country’s AED 58.931 billion federal budget

  • The UAEEU and Khalifa University have ranked in Top 10 of the QS World University Rankings in the Arab Region in recent years

  • Over 77% of UAE students have opted for computer science courses of which 45% are women

  • The Emirate is home to more than 16 world-class universities for higher education


Cultural and Creative industries

With first-class museums, galleries, and creative spaces, Abu Dhabi has become a leading regional producer and exporter of creative and cultural content. 

The television, film and gaming industries have also gained exponential momentum in Abu Dhabi, and the Emirate aims to become a global film, TV production, and gaming hub.

Why invest in Abu Dhabi’s Cultural and Creative industries? 

  • It is one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide

  • In recent years, over AED 8.5 billion has been committed across the Emirate to cultural and creative initiatives

  • The sector employs over 20,000 and is expected to generate further 16,000 jobs over the next four years


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