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Establishing your business

Licensing Requirements

ADDED streamlines the processing of licenses and permits required to engage in commercial activities.

You can choose from and apply for the licenses you need through our eServices on TAMM.

Economic Licences

Economic Licences

All you need to know to practice a specific economic activity after fulfilling all the terms and conditions stipulated in relevant laws. 


Permits help your establishment to publish a commercial advertisement, add accessories, or engage in temporary or assigned activities. 

You can apply for licenses in two categories – Economic Licenses and Permitstailored to your specific requirements. 

Both categories allow for a range of economic activities spanning from establishing a business and registering a trade name to adding new economic activities to your existing business. Navigate our eServices to discover the licensing services we offer.


Primary and secondary licensing services

Primary Services:

  • Reserving a Trade Name 
  • Issuing an Economic Licence
  • Renewing an Economic Licence
  • Cancelling an Economic Licence
  • Amending an Economic Licence
  • Mortgaging an Economic Licence 

Secondary Services:

  • Amending the Trade Name, Address and Activity
  • Licence Statement
  • Paying Licence Fees
  • Activating
  • Enquiry 

Standard Licence

This is a standard economic licence that permits practicing a business in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This licence accommodates all legal forms of business and adheres to traditional procedures of establishing a business.

Abu Dhabi Trader Licence

This licence is issued electronically for specific commercial activities to UAE citizens and residents.

Dual Licence

This licence allows establishments registered in the free zones of Abu Dhabi to carry out their activities and manage their business outside the free zones area.

Freelancer Licence

This licence is available for investors (citizens and foreigners) to practice economic activities in specific fields, remotely without the need for physical office premises.

Mobdea Licence

This licence is available to female citizens of the UAE. They can choose from a selection of 44 activites, largely focused on creative work and does not require a physical headquarters.

Small Producers Licence

This is a licence that is issued to citizens who own private farms and provide agricultural and animal husbandry services in specific areas.

Virtual Licence

This is an economic licence for individuals residing outside the country who wish to start a business in Abu Dhabi.

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