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Trade and Logistics

Abu Dhabi’s strategic location, at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia, makes it a global logistics hub, connecting about 4.5 billion people within a four-hour flight.

This geographical advantage, combined with world-class infrastructure, has laid the foundation for a thriving trade and logistics sector.


Abu Dhabi’s status as a trade and logistics hub is well established. From roads to ports and airports, it has one of the most modern and integrated infrastructures in the region.

Along with its role as a geographical bridge to the world’s fastest economies, Abu Dhabi has also facilitated services for the e-commerce market. The Emirate has implemented several initiatives to develop a well-integrated, sustainable trade and logistics framework that supports the Emirate’s economic, social, cultural, and environmental goals. These include Abu Dhabi’s Surface Transport Master Plan, Abu Dhabi Transportation Mobility Management Strategy, and Plan Abu Dhabi 2030.

A thriving sector. A booming industry

The trade and logistics sector is regarded as a critical enabler in the country’s economic diversification efforts. The industry contributes up to 10% of the total GDP and directly employs 6% of the total workforce in the MENA region. Existing advantages and long-term efforts together have led to the success of this sector.

  • Strategic Location and Connectivity: Attracting innovation-focused companies from around the globe, it's home to one of the world's most advanced container ports and fastest-growing airports, with 80% of the world's population within an eight-hour flight.

  • World-class Infrastructure: Abu Dhabi is equipped with the most advanced logistics and warehousing hubs, including Khalifa Port, one of the world’s most advanced deep-sea ports, and Abu Dhabi International Airport, the second largest in the UAE.

  • Pro-Business Environment: With a robust regulatory framework, a commitment to sustainable and diversified economic growth and various incentives such as 100% foreign ownership, and hassle-free licensing procedures.

  • Innovative Ecosystem: Abu Dhabi’s government is fostering innovation to create a digital, efficient, and sustainable logistics sector. The Emirate is at the forefront of adopting technologies like AI, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in its logistics operations.

How does Abu Dhabi support investors in trade and logistics?

  • Ease of Doing Business: The Emirate has streamlined its business setup procedures, making it easy for investors to start and operate their businesses. It also offers a variety of licenses tailored to the needs of different businesses.

  • Financial Incentives: Abu Dhabi provides a range of financial incentives, including competitive land rental rates for logistics facilities, lower tariffs, and subsidised utilities.

  • Skilled Workforce:  The emirate has a diverse and skilled workforce that caters to the needs of the logistics sector. It also encourages talent development through various training programs.

  • Innovation Support: Abu Dhabi supports businesses in their digital transformation journey by providing them access to the latest technologies and research facilities.

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