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A Diversified Economy

Global Leading Industries from the diversified economy of Abu Dhabi

Establishing your business

Abu Dhabi's diverse economy offers individuals the opportunity to set up and operate businesses across a wide range of growing sectors. Ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey in Abu Dhabi? Here's your guide.
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A step-by-step guide on how to start a new company or off-shoot an existing business.

Determining the nature of your business activity is the first step to getting your business legally recognised under one of the six types of licences available: industrial, commercial, professional, tourism, agricultural or occupational.

Next, you need to select one of the legal forms that suits your business activity and ownership. This includes general partnerships, limited liability companies, public joint stock companies and more.

Remember to choose a unique name that resonates with your business and register it with ADDED.

Simultaneously, you must apply for an initial approval from ADDED which will help you proceed further and launch your business faster

Depending on your legal form and ownership criteria, you may need to draft a Memorandum of Association (MOA) or a Local Service Agent Agreement (LSA).

Next, you must find a suitable business location and obtain a tenancy contract. Learn more about Office Space and Renting.

Depending on your activity and location, you may need additional approvals from other entities, such as the Abu Dhabi Municipality, the Department of Health, the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, etc.

Submitted all the required documents and paid the fees? Congratulations, you’re ready to obtain your final business licence!

Alternatively, you can use our platforms like TAMM to start your business online and get your licence within minutes.

The selection of the right office space and location is vital to the success of your business operations.

Find a premises
Choosing a location and office space is a vital decision to ensure smooth operations and growth of your business.
Verify requirements
Ensuring that the location and premises you choose complies with business requirements in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Obtain rental agreement
Obtaining a rental agreement or tenancy contract validates and legalises your right to operate on the premises.
Operate online
If your business does not need physical premises, you can get a licence to operate online instantly through TAMM.

The Abu Dhabi Business Centre, a division of ADDED, provides economic licensing services to investors and businesses under two broad categories.

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Economic Licence

This is a certificate allowing you to practise a specific economic activity after fulfilling all the terms and conditions stipulated in relevant laws. 01

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