The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) seeks to enhance business and create an ideal economic environment for investors in Abu Dhabi, by protecting trademark owners and registered commercial agencies, as well as preventing commercial fraud in the local market.


  • Receiving investor’s complaints about trademark infringement. 
  • Raising customer awareness of fraud methods, detected violations, and any trademarks-related updated laws.
  • Coordinating with authorities, signing MoUs with strategic partners to combat commercial fraud, and protect intellectual property.
  • Watching markets by seizing and confiscating products that violate anti-fraud, trademark, and commercial agencies’ laws.
  • Suggesting regulations to minimize violations of trademark, commercial fraud, and commercial agencies’ laws.
Complaint areas include:
  • Trademark-related complaints.
  • Intellectual property complaints.
  • Industrial property complaints.
  • Fraud complaints.
Documents required to file a complaint:
  • Complaint letter.
  • Trademark registration certificate.
  • Notarized POA (If submitting the complaint through a lawyer).
  • Original and fake samples, and a clarification of how to differentiate between them.
  • A list of the violating shops.

Complaint Channels:


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